what is the tea part movement

what is the tea part movement

What is the Tea Party Movement?

The Tea Party Movement is a seemingly grassroots conservative political group believing in limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. The movement has been around since 2009 and gained attention during the fighting over the federal debt limit in the summer of 2011. Tea Party supporters act with the intention of reducing the role of government intervention in the economy, cutting taxes and promoting their conservative values.


Tea Party activists are diverse in both their political motivations and outcome expectations. Some common attributes of the Tea Party Movement include:

  • Small Government: They advocate for smaller government and fiscal responsibility.
  • Pro-Business: Supporters are pro-business and seek tax and regulatory relief for businesses.
  • Low Taxes: Believes that reducing government spending and national debt require lower taxes.


The Tea Party Movement has been vocal about reducing government spending and regulations in order to promote a free-market economy and smaller government. To achieve these goals, the movement has called on Congress to reduce government spending, decrease taxes, repeal Obamacare, balance the budget and cut spending for Social Security and Medicare.


The Tea Party Movement has had a significant effect on public policy. It has shifted the budget debate towards deficit reduction, pushed the debate towards entitlement reform, and has forced lawmakers to confront the debt crisis on multiple levels. In 2010, the Tea Party contributed to the GOP wave election, gaining the party control of the House of Representatives. As a result, the Republican Party has become more fiscal conservative and pushed for spending cuts.


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