what kind of tea did the queen drink

what kind of tea did the queen drink

Queen Elizabeth’s Preferred Tea

Queen Elizabeth II is well known for her immense love of tea throughout the years! Her Majesty has reportedly been a fan of the beverage since childhood, and today she could not live without her daily cup. But what type of tea does the Queen prefer?

Earl Grey

Ear Grey is undoubtedly the Queen’s favorite. Her Majesty starts her day with a cup of this classic blend, which is renowned for its citrusy aroma and distinctive flavor. Royal reporter Richard Kay said the Queen also used to send her sons cups of tea with a little lemon when they were at boarding school.

Afternoon Tea

Queen Elizabeth is also known to enjoy a traditional afternoon tea. This usually includes a selection of teas, sandwiches and dainty cakes. Examples of some teas the Queen is said to enjoy include:

  • Assam – Assam is a strong, full-bodied tea with a robust flavor. The Queen enjoys it with her afternoon tea.
  • Darjeeling – Darjeeling is a lesser-known tea, similar to its more popular counterpart, green tea. It has a fragrant, floral taste that pairs perfectly with the delicate cakes and sandwiches of an afternoon tea.
  • Jasmine – Jasmine is a delicate Chinese tea known for its fragrant aroma and gentle taste. The Queen often serves it with her afternoon tea for its sweet flavor.

Her Majesty’s Tea Time

Queen Elizabeth II takes her tea time very seriously. She is known to host formal tea parties at Buckingham Palace, and always ensures that her guests are taken care of during their visit. The Queen has been known to offer a vast selection of teas for her guests to choose from – but we can be sure that her favorite would be Earl Grey!


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