what kind of tea did the queen drink

what kind of tea did the queen drink

What Kind of Tea Did the Queen Drink?

For centuries, tea has been immensely popular with British royalty. Generations of British monarchs have been known to enjoy their cuppa and none more so than Queen Elizabeth II. But what type of tea did the Queen prefer?

The Queen’s Preferred Blends

The Queen showed her fine taste by preferring two types of tea:

  • Assam tea: Assam tea is a black tea originating from the Assam region of India. It has a strong, malty flavor and is one of the most popular brewing teas in the United Kingdom.
  • Ceylon tea: Ceylon tea is a type of black tea from Sri Lanka. It has a delicate, coppery hue and a slightly sweet and spicy flavor.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Tea Selection

Queen Elizabeth II is known to be particular about her tea and prefers a blend of both Assam and Ceylon tea. It is blended specially for her by an independent tea blender and is believed to have been crafted to her exact specifications. Tea tins bearing her royal crest are believed to exist and can be found in some of the royal residences.

The Queen’s Tea Ceremony

The Queen enjoys her tea with a strict ritual that involves pouring milk in her teacup before adding her specially blended tea. Reportedly, she adds exactly one teaspoon of tea per cup, letting it steep for four minutes, and always drinks from a bone-china cup.


Queen Elizabeth II has quite a reputation for her impeccable tastes in tea. Her preferred tea blend of Assam and Ceylon is blended to her exact specifications, and is served with a strict ceremony that ensures the perfect cup of tea every time. Indeed, it is no wonder that the Queen’s tea of choice is every bit as celebrated as she is!


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