what kind of tea do the brits drink


British Tea Drinking Habits

The British love their tea and consume a vast amount of it every day. But what kind of tea is popular in the U.K. and how do they drink it?

The Most Popular Kinds of Tea

The most popular kinds of tea among the British are:

    • Black Tea: This is the standard tea in the U.K. and is usually brewed in a teapot. Popular black tea brands include PG Tips and Tetley.


    • Fruit or Herbal Tea: Many British people drink flavored tea, such as fruit or herbal tea, which are usually served without milk or sugar. Popular brands include Twinings.


    • Green Tea: This is becoming increasingly popular and is often served without milk or sugar. Popular brands include Tetley and Lipton.


How the British Drink Tea

Tea is often served with milk and sugar, although more often than not, milk comes first. Some people prefer to add their milk and sugar after the tea has been brewed, while others prefer to add it while the tea is still brewing in the teapot.

In many places, including in tea shops and pubs, tea is served in a teacozy or teapot, with a cup and saucer, and usually a strainer. For a traditional British “cuppa,” a teaspoon of sugar is usually added, though the amount of sugar can vary depending on individual preferences. Cream or lemon is also sometimes added.


The British are passionate about their tea-drinking tradition and it shows in the variety of teas they drink and how they drink it. From strong black teas to flavored fruit or herbal teas, there’s something for everyone in the U.K.!


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