what makes iced tea cloudy

what makes iced tea cloudy

What Causes Iced Tea To Cloudy?

It’s normal to see a slight cloudiness in iced tea, but if it’s especially pronounced then there may be a few different factors causing the issue. Let’s look at what makes iced tea cloudy and how to avoid it.

Gelatinous Pectin

Pectin is a substance found in leaves, fruits, and other plant-based material. It’s often used in jam and jellies as a thickening agent. When iced tea is brewed with tea bags, a trace amount of pectin is released from the bag, which can make the tea cloudy.

Temperature and Timing

Iced tea should not be made at a boiling temperature for an extended period of time to prevent cloudiness in the tea. Tea should also not be brewed for too long, as this can cause some of the tannins to be over extracted, which can cause cloudiness as well.


When brewing iced tea, using filtered water instead of tap water can reduce cloudiness. By removing particles like minerals, chlorine, and other pollutants, the tea will appear clearer.

Avoiding Cloudiness

To avoid cloudiness in iced tea, be sure to do the following:

  • Use filtered water. Filtered water will reduce the amount of particles and pollutants that can contribute to cloudiness.
  • Brew at low temperatures. Brewing tea at low temperatures will reduce the amount of tannin being extracted from the tea bags.
  • Don’t brew for too long. Brewing tea for too long will result in over-extraction and cloudiness.

By following these tips, you can achieve a clear and refreshing glass of iced tea.


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