what tea bags don’t have plastic in them

what tea bags don’t have plastic in them

What Tea Bags Don’t Have Plastic In Them?

The world has become increasingly aware of the effects of plastic pollution, making it more important than ever to choose products free from plastic. People looking to enjoy a cup of tea have the same concern. Fortunately, many tea companies offer plastic-free tea bags and provide sustainable ways to enjoy your favorite cup of tea.

Paper Tea Bags

Most paper tea bags are made from unbleached manila hemp and abaca plant fibers. These fibers come from naturally sustainable sources and are biodegradable, making them great for the environment. These paper bags don’t need the extra plastic added to their structure that can interfere with their naturally breathable fibers.

Silken Tea Bags

Silken tea bags are made from food-grade, biodegradable vegetable cellulose. These tea bags are free from petrochemical-based plastics, chlorine, and bleaching, meaning they are all natural and break down easily in the environment. The food-grade material also ensures a safe, high-quality tea bag with every brew.

Pyramid Tea Bags

Pyramid tea bags are the perfect option for loose leaf tea enthusiasts. These plastic-free tea bags are made of cotton and biodegradable mesh materials and provide an eco-friendly option to enjoy your favorite blend of loose leaf tea. Additionally, their shape makes it easy to use these bags for multiple brews.

DIY Tea Bags

If you’re looking for a more DIY approach, you can easily make your own reusable and plastic-free tea bags from organic cotton muslin.

The Benefits of Plastic-free Tea Bags

Choosing plastic-free tea bags comes with many benefits. Not only is it better for the environment, but the breathable materials allow for better tea infusion and higher-quality teas. With a little research, anyone can easily find plastic-free tea bags and enjoy a healthier, better tasting cup of tea.


The switch to plastic-free tea bags is a small but important step in the fight against plastic pollution. By taking the time to be mindful of your tea choices, you can make a big difference while still enjoying a good cup of tea.

From paper to silken to pyramid tea bags, there are many types of plastic-free tea bags to choose from that don’t compromise in quality or taste.


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