what tea does mcdonalds use

what tea does mcdonalds use


What Tea Does McDonald’s Use?

McDonald’s is one of the largest and most popular fast food chains in the world. They are renowned for their burgers, chicken, fries, and other food items. But, one of their lesser-known offerings is the tea that they serve in their outlets.

What Kind of Tea Does McDonalds Serve?

McDonald’s tea products are provided by Unilever Food Solutions and brewed through their exclusive Tetley brand. Unilever and Tetley have an exclusive agreement which allows McDonald’s outlets to use both bagged and loose-leaf tea. In some markets, McDonald’s uses a specially blended version of the Tetley tea called ‘McBrew’.

Types of Tea Available at McDonald’s

McDonald’s offers a range of different teas, including:

    • English Breakfast Tea – A classic black tea, full-flavoured and perfect with milk or lemon.


    • Earl Grey Tea – A fragrance black tea with a delicate citrus flavour.


    • Lemon Tea – A blend of quality tea leaves, blended with lemon.


    • Lemon & Ginger Tea – A delicate blend of ginger and tea with a citrus finish for an indulgent cup.


The Benefits of Drinking Tea from McDonald’s

McDonald’s serves Tetley tea, which is a leader in quality recognisable industry standard. It is blended and created with experience, carefully sourced ingredients and rigorous quality control.

Apart from being of a high quality, McDonald’s tea is also convenient and affordable. You can find it in any McDonald’s outlet and prices start at just a few cents per cup.

Whether you’re a tea aficionado or just looking for a quick cup of tea, McDonald’s is a great option to enjoy a delicious and affordable cup of tea.


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