what tea is good for colds

what tea is good for colds

Tea to Help Prevent and Fight Colds

Drinking tea has many health benefits, including helping to prevent and fight colds. Not only can tea be a delicious and comforting way to stay healthy but it may even help to shorten the length of a cold. Read on to learn more about some of the teas that may be beneficial for preventing and treating colds.

Benefits of Tea for Colds

The benefits of tea to help colds include:

  • Antioxidants – Tea contains powerful antioxidants that help to fight colds, by boosting immunity and helping to clear congestion.
  • Vitamins – Tea is high in vitamins, including Vitamin C, which can help to build immunity and fight off colds.
  • Nutrients – Tea is rich in nutrients that help the body to stay healthy and fight off infection.

Types of Tea for Colds

Some of the best tea for colds are:

  • Green Tea – Green tea is high in antioxidants, which can help to protect your body from infection and help to fight a cold. Green tea also contains caffeine, which can help to increase energy and help to reduce symptoms of a cold.
  • Black Tea – Black tea is a rich source of Vitamin C and contains antioxidants that can help to strengthen the immune system and fight off a cold.
  • Herbal Tea – Herbal teas, such as chamomile and ginger, can be beneficial for colds as they can help to reduce inflammation, reduce sore throats and coughs, and soothe respiratory issues.

Tips for Drinking Tea for Colds

When drinking tea for colds, it’s best to:

  • Drink several cups of tea a day for maximum benefits.
  • Add lemon, honey, or cinnamon to help soothe symptoms and improve flavor.
  • Avoid adding milk or any other thickening ingredients as this can reduce the benefits of the tea.

Tea can be an effective way to prevent, fight, and soothe the symptoms of colds. Be sure to speak to your doctor before taking any new supplements or teas and enjoy a cup of tea to help keep you healthy and feeling your best!


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