what time does bubble tea close

what time does bubble tea close

What Time Does Bubble Tea Close?

Bubble tea is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day, and many tea-lovers are wondering when their favourite bubble tea store closes. Here, we will provide a general overview of the closing times commonly experienced at bubble tea shops.

Weekdays and Weekends

Most bubble tea shops keep the same hours on both weekdays and weekends. The typical closing time is between 8 PM and 11 PM, depending on the store and area. Some stores may close earlier during weekdays because of fewer customers, while the closing time on weekends may be extended past 11 PM due to increased demand.

Location & Size

The hours of operation can vary depending on the size and location of a bubble tea shop. Large franchises usually stay open longer than independent locations, while shops located in higher-traffic areas tend to both open and close later. Smaller, suburban stores might close earlier, due to fewer customers.

Holiday Hours

Bubble tea shops may adjust their hours of operation during holiday seasons to accommodate the influx of customers. Some stores may open later and close earlier during certain holidays and special occasions. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and find out the specific hours of operation during the holiday season.

Additional Closing Considerations

  • Sales & Promotions: Special “late-night sales” and promotions at bubble tea stores may extend their operating hours past their original closing time.
  • Priority Shopping: When bubble tea stores are running low on supplies, they may close earlier than their posted closing time.
  • Store Hours: Stores usually post their hours on their website and entrance doors. Make sure to double check the store you’re visiting to get the most accurate hours.

When it comes to bubble tea, the closing times at individual stores can vary depending on their location, size, and special events. However, typically the hours vary between 8 PM and 11 PM on both weekdays and weekends. Call ahead to make sure that you’re visiting your favourite bubble tea store during their normal hours of operation.


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