what time is high tea

what time is high tea


High Tea

High tea or sometimes called aristocratic tea is an afternoon meal served between 3-5 p.m and it is a sunday tradition in some parts of the world.

What is High Tea?

High tea is a substantial meal that is a time for friends, family and neighbors to gather. It is a meal made up of savoury items such as sandwiches, quiches, savoury pies and salads. It can also include some sweet items such as scones, a variety of cakes, tarts and pastries. High tea is often served with tea, to accompany the meal.

What Time is High Tea?

High tea is typically served from 3-5 p.m. It is usually served after the traditional afternoon tea served between 2-4 p.m. High tea is especially popular on Sundays when friends and family come together for a relaxed and substantial meal.

Types of High Tea

High tea can be a formal event with a large variety of food chosen to impress, or a more casual affair with almost anything going. Some of the most popular types of high tea include:

    • Traditional High Tea – this is a formal meal with dainty sandwiches, cakes, scones and pastries.


    • Finger Tea – this is a more casual type of meal where the food is prepared in a buffet style and finger food served.


    • Cream Tea – this is a light meal often served in the afternoon, consisting of tea and scones with clotted cream and jam.



High tea is an afternoon meal that can be formal or casual and typically served between 3-5 p.m. Whether it’s a quintessentially British experience with delicate treats or a more relaxed affair with hearty dishes, high tea is a well-loved tradition that many people around the world enjoy.


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