what to add to green tea

what to add to green tea

Ingredients That Add Flavour to Green Tea

Green tea is famous for its health benefits and calming effects. But sometimes it can have a bitter taste. To make this wonder drink great tasting, many people prefer to add some other ingredients in it. Here are some of the ingredients that will add amazing flavour to your cup of green tea:


Adding a slice or two of lemon to your green tea is one of the easiest and popular ways. It will significantly sweeten the tea and add a delicious tang to any cup.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves add a wonderful fresh flavour to the green tea. Not to mention, mint is known to have stomach-soothing properties as well.


Cinnamon adds an amazing twist to your green tea with its sweet, spicy and earthy flavour. If you are looking to replicate the traditional masala chai tastes in your green tea, a bit of cinnamon will certainly do the trick.

Fruits and Berries

Raspberries, strawberries, oranges, goji berries and many other fruits are added to green tea to add great flavour and sweetness.


This spice has a unique sweet and woody flavour that goes amazingly well with green tea. Due to its mild sweetness, it also helps in reducing the bitter taste of green tea.


Adding sliced ginger or even ginger powder to your green tea improves digestion and helps in soothing sore throat and reducing inflammation.


Adding flowers like jasmine, chamomile or lavender will add a sweet and fragrant flavour to a cup of green tea.

These are some of the amazing ingredients you can add to your green tea to make it delicious and flavourful. So try all these ingredients to make your cup of green tea extra special.


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