what to bring to a tea party

what to bring to a tea party


What to Bring to a Tea Party

Tea parties are a great way to bring friends together for an enjoyable, relaxing time. Whether you’re the host or a guest, you may need ideas on what to bring to ensure everyone can properly enjoy the tea party. Here are some helpful tips:

For the Host:


  • Tea: As the host, you should provide a variety of loose-leaf teas with different flavors and caffeine levels.
  • Cups: Make sure to have enough teacups for all the guests.
  • Sugar & Cream: Provide honey, sugar cubes, milk, and half and half for guests who would like to add these condiments to their tea.
  • Bite Sized Treats: Have on-hand various bite sized snacks for your guests, such as scones and pastries.

For the Guests:

  • A Tea Infuser: If the host doesn’t provide them, guests should bring their own infusers to steep their own loose-leaf tea.
  • Tea Cups: Guests should bring their own teacup if they have a special one they enjoy using.
  • Sweet Treats: Guests should bring their favorite pastries, cookies, or small cakes to share with the rest of the party.
  • Fresh Conversations: Guests should bring energy and enthusiasm for good conversation.

Whether you’re a host or guest at a tea party, the most important item to bring is a positive attitude for a great time!


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