what to do with old tea leaves

what to do with old tea leaves

What to do with Old Tea Leaves?

Tea drinking has become a much loved ritual for many. Whether using loose leaves, bagged teabags or pyramid tea bags, at some point once the tea is finished, you’ll be left with a pile of old tea leaves.

It would be a shame to simply throw out these leaves, especially when there are so many productive ways to use them. Here are a few of the great ideas we’ve come up with for repurposing old tea leaves.

1. Compost them

Tea leaves add nitrogen to the compost pile, so adding a layer of your tea leaves to the compost pile will give it a much needed kick of nutrition.

2. Fertilize your plants

Sprinkling your composted, crumbled tea leaves around the top of your plants will help to keep them looking beautiful and green.

3. Treat your skin with a DIY Tea Scrub

Tea leaves are full of antioxidants which, combined with other naturally beneficial ingredients like honey, lemon, and oats, make a great DIY scrub to make your skin look and feel its healthiest.

4. Add tea leaves to your bath

Old tea leaves makes a great addition to your next bath. Boiled black tea leaves can help to give your bath water a golden hue, whilst green tea leaves act as a natural antioxidant.

5. Make tea-infused oil

Simply soak whatever oil you choose in your tea leaves for a few days, then use the oil for anything from moisturizing your skin to cooking.

6. Make a moskito repellent

Simply place old tea leaves in a bowl of boiling water and the scent will naturally keep away any unwanted insects.

7. Make a poultice for minor skin ailments

For minor skin ailments like sunburn and itchy rash, use a poultice consisting of black tea leaves and a few other ingredients like honey, coconut oil and coriander.

8. Polish your silverware

To give your silverware an extra sparkle, simply rub tea leaves over it and then clean off with a cloth.

9. Freshen your fridge

Add some tea leaves to a small bowl and place inside your fridge to keep it smelling fresh.

10. Clean your carpets

Over time your carpets can lose their freshness, so sprinkle some dried and crushed tea leaves over them and leave for 10-15 minutes before lightly vacuum ing.


Don’t let your old tea leaves go to waste – there are plenty of ways to make the most out of them. Whether you’re composting them, using them in a DIY project or even freshening up the fridge, you can make good use of the old tea that was once part of your daily ritual.


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