what to put in hot tea

what to put in hot tea

What to Put in Hot Tea to Reach Its Maximum Comforting and Delicious Potential

Are you looking for something to make your hot tea that extra comforting and delicious? Here are a few ingredients to consider adding to your next cup to reach its maximum potential:


Honey is a natural sweetener, and is one of the most versatile ingredients to add to your tea. Not only is it a great way to sweeten naturally, but honey has also been found to offer a number of benefits to your health.


Adding freshly-squeezed lemon to your cup of tea is a great way to enhance the flavors. Not only can it add a pleasant acidic kick but can also help to soothe an upset stomach or sore throat, as lemon has antimicrobial qualities.


Mint is a great all-rounder for tea, as it can add a pleasant flavor as well as soothe an upset stomach. Spearmint is a popular choice for tea, and you can easily add it by using either fresh or dried mint leaves.


For those looking to add something a little more adventurous to their tea, spices are a great way to do so. Common spices include cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. Just be sure to use a light touch when adding them to your tea, as they can quickly overpower the flavor if added in too large of a quantity.

Milk or Cream

Adding milk or cream can create a wonderfully creamy and luxurious cup of tea. Whether you opt for full fat or skimmed milk, you’ll have a comforting cup of tea on your hands in no time. If you prefer the mildness of cream, that’s also a delicious option.

In Summary

To bring your hot tea to the next level in terms of both comfort and flavors, consider adding honey, lemon, mint, spices, milk or cream. These are all ingredients which can naturally enhance the flavor of tea and offer some nice benefits for your health.


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