what to wear at a tea party

what to wear at a tea party

What to Wear to a Tea Party?

Having a tea party is a classic pastime, but are you confused about what to wear? Some tea parties have themed festivities while others expect guests to dress formally. No matter what type of tea party you’re attending, here are some fashion tips that are sure to help you put together the chicest ensemble.

Tea Party Attire

When deciding what to wear to a tea party, consider thinking of a 1940s-style look for inspiration. You can still fashion a modern twist to an old-type vibe.

    For Women:

  • A collared vintage tea dress
  • A skirt with a blouse
  • Sixties-style dress
  • Flared trousers with a tunic blouse
    For Men:

  • A suit and tie
  • A statement shirt with chinos
  • A waistcoat with a dress shirt and trousers
  • A shirt and jumper combo with jeans


Once you’ve decided on an outfit, add a special touch with a few classic accessories. For women, it may be a delicate headpiece, pair of earrings, or a vintage-style belt. A bow tie is an essential addition for men, as is a smart belt and pocket square.

And don’t forget your footwear. Low heels or classic court shoes are perfect for ladies, while men should opt for a pair of classic Oxford shoes or brown lace-ups.


Remember that the emphasis is on looking timeless. Whether you go for traditional or modern look, dressing for a tea party doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just make sure you feel comfortable and look good and you are sure to be the best-dressed person in the room.


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