what to wear to a afternoon tea

what to wear to a afternoon tea

Dress for a Charming Afternoon Tea

An afternoon tea is a warm and inviting event that gives you the opportunity to dress up and look your best. Whether you’re attending a formal, themed, or casual afternoon tea, here are a few styling tips to keep in mind.

Glamorous and Elegant Eveningwear

  • Cocktail dress – Look for a vibrant-colored cocktail dress made with a luxurious material such as silk or chiffon for an evening afternoon tea.
  • Dress and blazer – If you’re uncomfortable in a cocktail dress, opt for an elegant skirt or trousers and a stylish blazer.
  • Accessorize – Opt for a touch of sparkle with a delicate necklace, charm bracelet, etc.

Chic and Refined Daywear

  • Chic dress – Look for something striking but sophisticated, like a timeless wrap dress in a bold print.
  • Trouser suit – Consider a stylish tailored suit, featuring trousers and a matching blazer.
  • Pencil skirt – Look for something figure-hugging in a muted but luxurious material.
  • Accessorize – Opt for an eye-catching accessory like a necktie or a statement brooch.

Fashionable and Versatile Casualwear

  • Maxi dress – For a more relaxed look, pick out a flowy maxi dress in a subtle print.
  • Jeans and a blouse – Combine your favorite jeans with a fluttery, feminine blouse.
  • Blazer and skirt – Invest in a cool, classic blazer and pair it with a classic or colorful skirt.
  • Accessorize – Select a few choice pieces like a structured handbag, pair of earrings, or a couple of pretty pins.

For an afternoon tea, it’s always a good idea to pick out something special. Whether you’re going for glamorous and elegant, chic and refined, or fashionable and versatile, there’s no wrong way to dress for the occasion. Just find something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and you’ll surely have a fabulous time.


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