what to wear to tea

what to wear to tea

What to Wear to Tea

Tea is an elegant affair– whether it’s an informal brunch date with friends or a more formal afternoon tea at a restaurant. But what should you wear? Here are some tips for fashionable tea-goers:

Opt for Modest, Comfortable Pieces

Tea is about enjoying each other’s company in comfort, so pick out an outfit that fits that vibe. Longer, modest skirts and dresses look great, as do blouses and tops that aren’t too revealing. Comfort is key, so choose fabrics like cotton, linen and silk.

Pay Attention to Your Accessories

Accessories can help complete your look when you’re coming straight from work and don’t have time to go home and change. Add a scarf, hat, gloves or an elegant necklace for an effortless touch of style.

Consider the Occasion and Weather

If you know that there will be sun, make sure to bring a light jacket or wrap, as it can get chilly indoors. Also, if you’re attending a formal high tea or Sunday tea, you might want to consider packing a dress or blazer.

Pieces to Remember When You go to Tea

  • Modest, comfortable dresses and skirts
  • Scarves, hats, gloves and necklaces
  • Light jackets or wraps
  • Formal attire, if needed

Follow these tips to dress fashionably and feel comfortable when going to tea with friends. Bon Appetit!


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