what was the punishment for the boston tea party

what was the punishment for the boston tea party

Boston Tea Party Punishment

The Boston Tea Party was a protest that saw several thousand colonists in the Massachusetts Bay area board the ships of the British East India Company and dump the tea into the Boston harbor. The famous demonstration in 1773 was in response to outrageous taxation policies put in place by the British monarchy. In response to the Sons of Liberty’s actions, the British violently react and set out to punish the colonists for their actions.

British Reaction

In reaction to the Boston Tea Party, British Prime Minister Lord North imposed more stringent control over the colonies in a reaction known as the Coercive Acts, or Intolerable Acts. These acts included heightened governing powers for British officials in the Colonies and the closure of the port of Boston in an effort to upse the movement of protest. The Quebec Act was also implemented to expand the province of Quebec into parts of the apame colonies, negating some of the American’s claims on that region. On June 1st 1774, the England Congress, or First Continental Congress assembled in response to these acts.

Retaliation Measures

In addition to the more governmental retaliation measures, the British also imposed harsher punishments on those found guilty of participating in the Tea Party. Several hundred of the participants were rounded up and put in jail by the British, who went around imprisoning anyone identified as a member of the Sons of Liberty. The British also confiscated property, property and vessels in retribution for the participants’ actions.


The Boston Tea Party and the punishments imposed upon those responsible were key events that led to the American Revolutionary War. The Colonists were so outraged by the egregious taxation policy of the British and their punitive measures, that they decided to take matters into their own hands and fight for freedom and autonomy. The consequences of this event continue to resonate in the region and cemented the Boston Tea Party as an iconic symbol of American independence.


The punishments for those involved in the Boston Tea Party were harsh and symbolically enforced the power the British monarchy had over the fledgling colonies. The results of this event catalysed the American Revolutionary War and the subsequent fight for independence from the British Crown. The Boston Tea Party had drastic and lasting repercussions that have been immortalized throughout American history and still influence the area today.


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