what was the tea given to rhaenyra

what was the tea given to rhaenyra

The Tea Given to Rhaenyra

Rhaenyra Targaryen is a fierce and determined women who was greatly gifted a tea of many herbs, root and gravel that had been mixed together with honey. This tea was given to her in an effort to help her reign as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms with strength, courage, and a clear head.

The Tea’s Ingredients

This unique and special tea was a blend of many ingredients, including:

  • Herbs – Lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and peppermint were some of the herbs used in the tea.
  • Roots – Licorice root, ginger root, skullcap root, and valerian root were also included.
  • Gravel – Honey-roasted gravel was added for additional sweetness.

It is believed that the act of adding gravel to the tea was a magical homage to Rhaenyra’s Targaryen heritage, her connection to the dragons and to the fire within.

Benefits of the Tea

The tea was crafted especially for Queen Rhaenyra with the intentions of bringing her clarity and strength throughout her reign. It was believed that the tea would help bring her a deep sense of courage and intuition as she faced her enemies and powerful opponents.

In addition to these benefits, the individual ingredients of the tea were believed to have their own unique benefits for her. Lavender was known for its calming effects, chamomile for promoting mental clarity, and honey-roasted gravel for providing her with strength to make bold and courageous decisions.

The Legacy of The Tea

The tea that was presented to Rhaenyra is beloved for its ability to empower women, to provide strength of character, courage, and clarity of thought. This special blend of herbs, roots, and gravel has become a symbol of strength and has been celebrated by many throughout the centuries.

As a reminder of Rhaenyra’s legacy, this special tea continues to be enjoyed and celebrated by many who seek to embody the same courage and strength she possessed in her many battles.


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