what was the tea in house of the dragon

what was the tea in house of the dragon

The Tea in House of the Dragon

When we look at Westeros and its different houses, House of the Dragon stands out. As one of the two noble remaining sides of Government in the Seven Kingdoms, the House of the Dragon is a fascinating faction, with so many details yet to be revealed.

One thing that we know is that the House of the Dragon is known for its hospitality. No matter who was joining them in their banners, they welcomed them in with a special cup of tea. This remarkable blend of tea has been named after the House due to its unique flavour and aroma, remaining one of its distinctive trademarks.

What Does the Tea Taste Like?

The tea is said to be sweet and fragrant as it is made with jasmine flowers. This gives the tea a slightly floral scent, making it pleasant and calming to drink. The brew also has a hint of mint, which adds an extra layer of complexity that isn’t generally found in other teas.

The tea is sweet, but not overly so. It is mild and soothing and goes down easily, without being too strong or overpowering. It has a smooth and silky finish, which is perfect for any time of day.

Health Benefits of the Tea

The tea is also said to have numerous health benefits as well. It is known to be an excellent source of antioxidants, which can help boost the immune system and keep the body healthy. It is also thought to reduce inflammation and promote better overall health.

The House of the Dragon’s tea is also believed to have digestive benefits, helping to cleanse the body and improve digestion. Additionally, it is also said to aid in weight loss as it helps to detoxify the body and overcome cravings.

These Benefits Make It Perfect for Any Time

With all the health benefits that are offered by the tea, it is no wonder why the House of the Dragon has chosen it as one of its staples. It is perfect for any time of day, and has been enjoyed by the members of the House for centuries.

Whether you’re looking for a cup of tea to start your day right or end your day on a good note, the House of the Dragon’s tea is the perfect choice. Enjoy a cup and get a taste of history with every sip.


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