what words have tea in them

what words have tea in them

Tea-related Words

Tea is a popular drink enjoyed around the world. As such, there are quite a few words related to the drink. Here is a list of some words that have “tea” in them:

Types of Tea

  • Green Tea: one of the healthiest and most popular types of tea
  • Black Tea: a type of tea that is fermented and has a stronger flavor
  • Oolong Tea: a beloved tea from China that has been around for centuries
  • White Tea: one of the lightest and most delicate types of tea
  • Herbal Tea: a type of tea that is made with herbs, spices, and flowers rather than tea leaves.

Other Tea-related Words

  • Teapot: a lidded vessel with a spout used for brewing and serving tea
  • Teacup: a cup used for drinking tea
  • Teacake: a type of cake or pastry served with tea
  • Teabag: a bag containing tea leaves that is used for brewing
  • Teaspoon: a small spoon used for measuring small amounts of liquid, typically used for stirring tea

There are many words that have “tea” in them and the list above is just a small sampling of what is out there. Tea-related words have been around for centuries and continue to bring people together all over the world.


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