what’s a tea towel

what’s a tea towel

What is a Tea Towel?

A tea towel is a multipurpose hand drying tool used to keep a kitchen tidy, dried and clean. The tea towel is typically made from plain, cotton fabric and is often decorated with prints or designs. Tea towels are a ubiquitous presence inhousehold kitchens and are a necessity for daily cleaning tasks.

Uses of Tea Towel

Tea towels are often used as a hygienic way to dry dishes and other kitchen items. Tea towels are also used as a general wipe-down tool to clean surfaces and finish the job when cleaning. Tea towels make great pot holders, or can be used to wrap hot objects or dishes. Finally, tea towels make good general dust cloths throughout the kitchen.

Types of Tea Towels

Tea towels come in many different types and sizes:

  • Terrycloth:
    The most common type of tea towel. Terrycloth is highly absorbent and perfect for removing moisture from dishes.
  • Linen:
    A more high-end tea towel made out of linen. Great for decorative purposes due to linen’s texture.
  • Microfibre:
    A very lightweight tea towel perfect for quick drying tasks.
  • Flour Sack:
    A stiffer type of tea towel used most commonly in professional bakeries and restaurants.

Tea Towels Care

Taking proper care of tea towels will ensure they last as long as possible:

  • Machine wash tea towels regularly, every one to two weeks depending on usage.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners on tea towels as it may decrease absorbency.
  • Only use mild detergents.
  • If tea towels become stained, try extracting the stain with baking soda or lemon juice before washing it.

In conclusion, tea towels are a kitchen essential that can be used for cleaning, scrubbing, drying, or wrapping. With regular care, your tea towels will remain looking and performing their best for years to come.


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