what’s in a white tea shot

what’s in a white tea shot

What’s in a White Tea Shot?

A white tea shot contains several ingredients that have health benefits. It requires minimal preparation and a short brewing process, making it ideal for busy lifestyles. By adding a few simple items, this type of tea can offer plenty of wellness benefits including hydration, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Here is a closer look at what goes into a white tea shot.

White Tea

White tea is made from the buds and leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It has a milder flavor and more delicate taste than other varieties of tea. White tea is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and high concentration of antioxidants, making it a great drink to help the body fight off disease and promote overall health.


Ginger is a root renowned for centuries for its many medicinal benefits. Its spicy flavor and ability to help with digestion and nausea makes it a great ingredient for tea. You can either use ground ginger powder or slices of fresh ginger root to add to your tea shot. In addition to aiding digestion, ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain and swelling in the body.


Turmeric is a yellow root closely related to ginger and known for providing anti-inflammatory benefits. It contains curcumin, a potent antioxidant that helps reduce pain and swelling and boosts the immune system. When it is brewed with the tea, it can help improve overall health while also adding a unique and flavorful touch to your tea shot.


Cinnamon is not only a great addition to sweet desserts, but is also loaded with antioxidants. When added to white tea, it helps to lower blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation, making it an important ingredient for those looking to improve their health.


Honey can help sweeten your white tea shot and has many benefits of its own. It has antibiotic properties to help with digestive issues, contains antioxidants to boost the immune system, and can help to reduce inflammation.

For those looking for a healthy and convenient beverage to start their day or recharge in the middle of it, a white tea shot is a great option. By combining the subtle flavor of white tea with various spices, honey, and ginger, this tea shot can offer plenty of health benefits and a delightful flavor.


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