what’s the difference between boba and bubble tea

what’s the difference between boba and bubble tea

What is the Difference Between Boba and Bubble Tea?

Boba and Bubble Tea are two popular Asian tapioca drinks, but what’s the difference between them? Today, we’ll clear up the confusion and explore the differences between these two sweet treats!


Both Boba and Bubble Tea are variations of a tea base, usually black, green or oolong, mixed with either fruit or syrup. However, while both drinks start out with a tea base, the main difference is the addition of boba or bubble pearls.


Boba is made with large, chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom of the drink. The boba, which are usually made of a combination of potato flour and brown sugar, are cooked and sweetened before being added to the beverage. As a result, Boba tea typically has a stronger, maltier, and sweeter flavor than Bubble Tea.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is made with smaller, softer tapioca pearls, which are simply mixed into the drink and allowed to steep. As a result, Bubble Tea has a more subtle, mellow flavor.


The texture of Boba and Bubble Tea differ as well. Boba are larger and chewier, while Bubble Tea has a lighter and softer texture.


Boba and Bubble Tea can also be served in different ways, with either warm or cold drinks, and with or without ice.


So, to summarise, Boba and Bubble Tea are similar, but have slight differences in their ingredients and resulting level of sweetness and texture.

Overall, the main difference between Boba and Bubble Tea is the size and texture of their pearls.

What to try next?

If you’re looking for a new twist on these classic drinks, here are some delicious variations you should try:

  • Lychee Boba Tea
  • Mango Bubble Tea
  • Taro Bubble Tea
  • Matcha Boba Tea
  • Orange Bubble Tea

No matter what your preference is, Boba and Bubble Tea are both fun and delicious drinks worth trying. So why not pick up one of these drinks and see what all the fuss is about?


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