when is afternoon tea

when is afternoon tea

When is Afternoon Tea

Many people enjoy having a midday snack around the same time each day. This activity of taking a break for some tea and snacks has become known as “afternoon tea”. But when is the best time for an afternoon tea break?


Traditionally, an afternoon tea is taken between 4pm and 6pm. Taking an afternoon tea within this time frame is ideal because it allows enough time before eating dinner. It’s also the perfect time to break up a busy workday, recharge, and make some time for yourself.

Modern Convenience

These days, people tend to take their afternoon tea break at different times depending on personal preference and convenience. Taking a break between 2pm and 4pm is still very popular and can give the boost needed to get the rest of the day’s work done.


No matter what time of day you decide to take your afternoon tea break, there are plenty of benefits. Here are a few:

  • Boost Concentration: Taking a break to enjoy afternoon tea can help to boost concentration and focus on tasks after the break.
  • Enjoy Relaxation: Being in a relaxed state can help with improving overall productivity, so taking a break for afternoon tea can have a positive impact.
  • Get Social: Afternoon tea time, with friends or colleagues, can be a great opportunity to connect and share ideas.


No matter when you take your afternoon tea, it’s a great opportunity to break from the daily grind and recharge. Enjoying a cup of tea and a few snacks may be just what you need to get going again.


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