where did spill the tea come from

where did spill the tea come from

Where Did The Phrase “Spill The Tea” Come From?

The phrase “spill the tea” has become a popular slang term that has been used colloquially, mainly amongst the African American community, to mean gossip.

But where did this saying come from?

The 1990s Drag Scene

It is believed that the term “spill the tea” originates from the 1990s drag scene in the United States. During that time, drag queens (typically gay men dressing up as women) would often gather for regular tea parties where they would talk about the latest gossip and dramas.

In order to avoid being too direct and explicit, they would sometimes just simply say “spill the tea” which would refer to them spilling the juicy details about the topic in an indirect manner.

Social Media and Popularity

The phrase “spill the tea” slowly gained traction in the mainstream when it was used in popular culture and media like music, television shows and films. However, it really started gaining mass popularity when it was widely used on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram, by celebrities, influencers and artists.


The term “spill the tea” has become immensely popular in recent years and is now used by many people regardless of their race. It is a great way to talk about gossip, rumors and news in an indirect way that is less confrontational than other phrases.

It is widely believed that the phrase originated in the 1990s drag scene, and has since gained mass popularity through social media and other forms of pop culture.


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