where is lipton tea grown

where is lipton tea grown

Where is Lipton Tea Grown?

Lipton Tea has been a popular beverage around the world for many years. The tea itself is known for its refreshing taste and its many health benefits, but what many people don’t know is where it’s grown. Here’s a closer look at where Lipton Tea is grown.

East Africa

When it comes to the quality of Lipton Tea, East Africa is known for producing some of the highest quality tea in the world. In fact, some of the most popular tea gardens in East Africa are located in the country of Kenya, specifically the Rift Valley Region. This region is known for its fertile soil and its ideal climate, which is perfect for cultivating the perfect blend of tea. Other areas of Eastern Africa, such as Tanzania, are also popular Lipton Tea producers.

South Asia

South Asia is another region where Lipton Tea is grown. In particular, the India/Nepal region is known for its high-quality black tea production. In addition, the Nilgiri Hills in India’s Tamil Nadu region are also popular for their aromatic teas.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another tea-producing country in South Asia. This country is known for its high-quality black tea, but it’s also known for its unique blend of tea. The most popular type of tea in Sri Lanka is Ceylon tea, which is a mix of both black and green tea.

South America

The South American region is a more recent addition to the list of countries producing Lipton Tea. Brazil is the main producer in this region, but the company is also sourcing tea from other countries in South America, such as Peru and Colombia.


In conclusion, Lipton Tea is grown in a variety of countries around the world. The most popular areas for Lipton Tea production are East Africa, South Asia, Sri Lanka, and South America. This variety of tea means that consumers have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting the perfect cup of tea.


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