where to buy matcha tea

where to buy matcha tea

Where to Buy Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is an increasingly popular type of tea with its origins in Japanese culture. It is unique because the whole tea leaves are ground into a fine powder for consumption. This powder can be used for regular tea, smoothies, or culinary purposes. To enjoy the highest quality matcha experience, it is important to know where to buy matcha tea.

Online Specialized Tea Shops

  • Matcha Konomi: This online store specializes in matcha tea and provides a wide selection of certified organic matcha tea. It offers ceremonial grade, cafe grade, and cooking grade matcha so that customers have an extensive selection. Matcha Konomi also provides additional tea accessories.
  • Ujido: Ujido carries organic Culinary Grade and Organic Ceremonial Grade. The company places an emphasis on quality and has been serving customers since 1878. Customers can purchase directly from the online store, Amazon, or local retailers.
  • Kirimatcha: This company works directly with Japanese tea farmers to bring fresh and organic matcha to customers around the world. The matcha is sourced sustainably, and Kirimatcha offers monthly subscriptions and tea accessories.

Local Specialty Tea Shops

  • Matchaful: This Brooklyn-based company is an excellent source for matcha in the NYC area. Matchaful sells a wide range of matcha from different sources as well as tea accessories.
  • The Tea Spot: The Tea Spot is a specialty tea store with locations in Colorado, California, and Washington. The store has a variety of matcha teas from different sources, as well as a selection of other tea varieties.
  • Satori Tea Company: This North Carolina-based tea shop has a wide selection of matcha teas from different sources. It also offers a variety of tea accessories and unique tea blends.

Finding quality matcha tea can be a challenge, but it is possible with a little research and some patience. Whether you choose to purchase online or visit a local store, by knowing where to buy matcha, you can enjoy the highest quality tea and have an excellent matcha experience.


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