where to buy nettle tea

where to buy nettle tea

Where to Buy Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is a popular herbal tea and medicinal remedy made with stinging nettle, a type of wild plant. Here’s some information on where you can purchase nettle tea.


There are many online sellers of nettle tea, including:

  • Amazon – a great option for large variety and convenient delivery
  • Mountain Rose Herbs – an excellent source of organic, ethically-sourced herbs
  • Starwest Botanicals – a comprehensive selection of herbs, spices, and teas
  • The Tea Spot – an array of traditional and innovative flavors
  • Vitacost – affordable prices for a range of top-quality brands

Specialty Stores

For those who enjoy shopping locally and sustainably, many specialty health-food stores carry nettle tea. Alternatively, you can purchase it through herbalist shops or online from local suppliers. Here are some great options:

  • Herbal Tea House – a retail store with outlets in several cities
  • Old Ways Herbal – a small organic apothecary in the Pacific Northwest
  • The Tea Smith – a unique tea store in Massachusetts
  • Zenana Tea – a California-based tea company offering custom blends


The rising popularity of nettle tea has made it easy to purchase either online or locally. Whether you like to support local businesses, or enjoy convenient home deliveries, there are plenty of options to buy nettle tea.


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