where was the boston tea party held

where was the boston tea party held

The Boston Tea Party of 1773

Location of the Historic Tea Tossing Event

The Boston Tea Party is a famous event in American history that took place on December 16, 1773. It is most remembered for the “tossing” of tea into the Boston Harbor in protest of the Tea Act, which was enacted by the British Parliament. But where exactly did this historic event take place?

Where Was The Boston Tea Party Held?

The Boston Tea Party took place in the Old South Meeting House, located on the corner of Milk and Washington Streets in the heart of downtown Boston, Massachusetts. The meeting house served as a gathering place for those who were ready to stand up and protest the recent taxation imposed by the British.

Other Notable Locations

In addition to the Old South Meeting House, several other locations were integral in the events leading up to and following the Boston Tea Party. Here are a few of them:

  • Green Dragon Tavern: This 18th-century pub served as a meeting place for the Sons of Liberty, and was one of the first places that news and the plans of the Boston Tea Party circulated.
  • Maury’s Wharf: This wharf was home to the three ships that were boarded that fateful night by the Sons of Liberty and the citizens of Boston, who took part in the Boston Tea Party
  • Faneuil Hall: In the days leading up to the Boston Tea Party, Faneuil Hall served as a meeting space for colonists to debate the issues of taxation and taxation without representation.


The Boston Tea Party is an iconic event of the American Revolution and an important reminder of the power of citizens to stand up and take action against unfair rules and regulations. The event took place mainly at the Old South Meeting House, but other sites were important to the history of the event.


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