which event occurred directly after the boston tea party

which event occurred directly after the boston tea party

The Direct Consequence of the Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party remains one of the most important and iconic events in US history. This protest, during which colonists dumped crates of British tea into the harbor, is sometimes thought to be the spark that ignited the American Revolution. But what happened directly after the Boston Tea Party?

The Intolerable Acts

The main consequence of the Boston Tea Party was a series of laws known as the Intolerable Acts. These included:

  • Boston Port Act – closed the port of Boston until the tea was paid for.
  • Quartering Act – allowed British soldiers to occupy the homes of the colonists.
  • Massachusetts Government Act – replaced the colonial government with one more friendly to Britain.

The Intolerable Acts sparked outrage amongst the colonies. There were multiple boycotts of British goods, and many people felt the laws were unfair and deserved to be repealed. These sentiments contributed directly to the start of the American Revolution in 1775.

The First Continental Congress

The colonies responded to the Intolerable Acts by gathering together and forming the First Continental Congress. This meeting, which took place in Philadelphia in 1774, was the first of its kind. Here, representatives from all thirteen colonies met to discuss their grievances with Britain and how best to respond to the Intolerable Acts.

The First Continental Congress called for an end to the Intolerable Acts and made plans for military and economic resistance against Britain. It also agreed that, if the British failed to repeal the Acts, the colonies would meet again the following year to plan an independence from Britain.

The American Revolution

The efforts of the First Continental Congress were unsuccessful and, the following year, the American Revolution officially began. This violent conflict saw the thirteen colonies, who had banded together as the Patriot forces, battle against Britain. The Revolution lasted for eight years, until 1783, and ended with the colonies achieving their independence.

The Boston Tea Party was undoubtedly a key event in the history of the US. Its direct consequence was the passing of the Intolerable Acts. This sparked a mass of outrage throughout the colonies and inspired the forming of the First Continental Congress. Ultimately, the failed attempts of the Congress to make the British repeal the Acts resulted in the start of the American Revolution and the nation’s eventual independence.


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