which has more caffeine black or green tea

which has more caffeine black or green tea

What has More Caffeine: Black Tea or Green Tea?

Many of us enjoy tea for its taste, aroma, and comforting health benefits. But some of us may also be enjoying tea to get an extra energy kick. So which of course begs the question: which has more caffeine – black tea or green tea?

The Caffeine Content of Tea

While it varies by type, here are the approximate caffeine content of some common teas:

  • Black Tea: 35-60mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup
  • Green Tea: 25-40mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup

Although black tea contains a noticeably larger amount of caffeine than green, most students of tea come to enjoy the deep natural, earthy taste of it regardless of the caffeine content.

Black Tea vs Green Tea for Caffeine

So when it comes to caffeine content, black tea clearly has the upper hand in comparison to green tea. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cup of tea to help keep you alert and awake during the day, you may want to consider sticking with black tea.

However, if you just want to enjoy the taste and experience of tea, you can still have the same amount of enjoyment and relaxation with a cup of green tea.


In conclusion, black tea has more caffeine than green tea. While this may be great news for some people, others might want to keep their intake of caffeine low and opt for a cup of green tea. In any case, however, tea is an incredibly enjoyable, enjoyable experience that can be enjoyed in many different ways.


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