who invented bubble tea

who invented bubble tea

Who Invented Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea, also known as boba, is a type of tea-based drink that’s beloved by many people around the world. But who invented this popular beverage?

The Timeline of Bubble Tea

  • 1980s: Bubble tea is created in Taiwan by two food scientists, Tsung Tsong and Erying Zhao.
  • 1988: Bubble tea enters mainstream society when a teahouse chain in Taichung, Taiwan, serves the drink.
  • 2000s: Bubble tea becomes popular in East Asia and North America.
  • 2013: Bubble tea cafe chains like Gong Cha, KOI Thé, Chatime and many more, become popular.

Since bubble tea’s popularity is so high, there has been no definitive answer to the question “who invented bubble tea?” Most historians point to a tea shop in Taichung, Taiwan, called Chun Shui Tang, founded in 1983 by former teacher Wu Cheng-hsueh. This shop’s original tea drink, created by its owner and the manager of its research and development team, Tzu Hsiung, is what eventually became bubble tea.

No matter who created the original version, bubble tea has become a popular and beloved beverage all over the world. There are dozens of variations with different flavours, toppings, and even different types of tea, ensuring that everyone can find something they love.


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