who is ice tea married to

who is ice tea married to

Ice-T and Coco Austin: How They Met and Their Life Together

Rapper, actor and prolific musician Ice-T and glamour model Nicole Natalie (known commonly as Coco Austin) have been together since 2001. It’s not just love that has kept this couple together: They have a successful marriage and family life. Here’s a look at their story and what they have achieved separately while also being a team.

How It All Began

Ice-T was filming Law & Order in 2001 when he met Coco Austin. Austin, who was then simply a bikini model, was drafted to be an extra in the scene. Ice-T was instantly taken with her looks and daring style, and made sure to talk to her after the scene was finished.

This initial conversation wasn’t enough for the rapper, so he decided to make it more official: He asked her out on a date. It didn’t take long for the couple to become serious; a year later, at the very same location, Ice-T proposed to Austin.

The Couple Together

The couple tied the knot on December 31, 2001, during a small and intimate ceremony in Las Vegas. They had one daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow, in 2015. Since then, the family has become active on social media platforms and television shows, offering a peak into their marriage and family lifestyle.

Ice-T and Coco Austin are dedicated to staying physically fit and eating a clean diet. They are also socially conscious and contribute to charitable organizations and events, proving that staying together is more than just a physical connection for them.

The couple is often seen together at red-carpet events and award shows, further proving how well they work together.

Accomplishments of the Couple

Ice-T is widely known for his music, but also his acting. His most popular roles have been in New Jack City and Law & Order: SVU. His extensive repertoire of music continues to stand the test of time, and he continues to release new material to this day.

Coco Austin has also racked up numerous accomplishments. She is a successful model and entrepreneur, using her platform to push her brand, Coco Merch. She is an author as well, with books like “Welcome to the Ice Cream World” and “Coco’s Little Black Book: A Guide to Living Fabulously,” among others.


Ice-T and Coco Austin have been happily married since 2001, sharing accomplishments, family and even a charity. Though their career paths have been different, there is no doubt that their strong connection keeps them together, regardless of the circumstances.


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