who is ice tea’s wife

who is ice tea’s wife

Ice-T’s Loving Wife

Ice-T is one of the most iconic figures in rap and hip-hop. But if anyone listens to his lyrics, they’ll quickly realize that it’s his wife Coco Austin who truly rocks his world.

Early Years

Nicole Austin, better known as Coco, was born at a US Air Force Base in Palos Verdes, California in 1979. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she attended high school. She then moved to California, attending college in Long Beach and quickly making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Coco & Ice-T

In 2001, Ice-T welcomed Coco into his life when the two began dating. They tied the knot two years later and have been blissfully married ever since.

Coco’s Career

Over the years, Coco has established a successful career for herself in the entertainment industry. She’s posed for magazines such as Playboy and Stuff, appeared in numerous television and film projects, starred in the reality tv show “Ice Loves Coco” and released her own book, “Coco’s Kiss”. She’s also been credited for her runway and promotional modeling, music video appearances and even her own swimsuit line.

Coco & Ice-T Today

Ice-T and Coco still remain happily married today despite all the changes in their careers and family. Not only are they devoted parents of their own child, but they’ve also welcomed several other kids into their home.

They also continue to support each other’s professional ventures. Whether they’re on the set of a movie together or in the living room of their New York City apartment, each one has been by the other’s side.

Coco & Ice-T’s relationship

Ice-T and Coco have had a successful and enduring marriage for over a decade. They are a beloved couple, adored both as individuals and as a powerful unit. Here are some of the reasons why they’ve been able to stay together for so long:

  • They put each other first. The couple make time for each other, and always make sure that the other person is taken care of and prioritized.
  • They’ve found a way to keep the spark alive. Although they’ve been together since 2001, they continue to find ways to keep their relationship fresh and vibrant.
  • They’re honest with each other. Ice-T and Coco make a point to communicate openly, allowing them to build a strong trust between them.
  • They’re supportive of one another. No matter what path either of them takes, they make sure they’re backing each other up.

Ice-T and Coco are an inspiring example of a long, successful marriage and lasting love. No matter what trials and tribulations they go through, they always make time for each other and for their family. That’s why Ice-T’s wife will always have a special place in his heart.


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