who makes peace tea


Who Makes Peace Tea?

Peace Tea is a brand of teas, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages that can be found in convenience stores across the U.S. The brand was created in 2009 by Cincinnati, Ohio-based beverage powerhouse CORE Nutrition LLC.

CORE Nutrition LLC

CORE Nutrition LLC is a research-based food and beverage company that is committed to finding enjoyable, healthy, and innovative products. The company is well known for their inventive recipes and use of certified organic ingredients. They strive to provide the highest quality beverages, snacks, and food items for customers to enjoy.

Peace Tea Products

Peace Tea’s offerings include:

    • Teas: A variety of teas in flavors like mango, raspberry, lemon, peach, and more.


    • Juices: Delicious juices in flavors such as grape, guava, orange mango, passionfruit, and more.


    • Non-alcoholic Beverages: Including sparkling tea, iced herbal teas, and shakes.


Where to Buy

Peace Tea products can be purchased in convenience stores across the United States. The brand is also sold in select stores in Mexico, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. You can also visit the Peace Tea website to view the full selection of products and find stores that carry their products near you.


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