who owns lipton tea

who owns lipton tea

Who Owns Lipton Tea?

In 1871, Englishman Sir Thomas Lipton began his Lipton tea adventure, and throughout its one-hundred-and-fifty-year-long history, the Lipton tea brand has become one of the most recognized tea brands in the world. But who owns Lipton tea?

Unilever UK

Today, Lipton tea is owned by the British-Dutch consumer goods conglomerate Unilever UK. The tea is produced in 70 countries and, although it is based in the U.K. it is also a significant player in the tea industry in the U.S.

Benefits for Lipton Consumers

There are many benefits for consumers who choose Lipton tea. Lipton’s international status and wide-reaching reputation is backed by Unilever’s stringent standards for production. The Brand has a large selection of tea varieties available, which include:

  • Black Tea: made from 100% finest tea leaves to give a bold, full-bodied flavor
  • Green Tea: contains powerful antioxidants and can give a milder taste
  • Herbal Tea: made using a combination of herbs, fruits, and flowers
  • White Tea: harvested at its peak ripeness to enhance its delicate flavor
  • Organic Infusions: 100% certified organic and ethically sourced from farms around the world

Lipton’s commitment to producing the world’s best tea has earned them the trust of tea buyers worldwide and Unilever’s investments have ensured that Lipton’s dedication to excellence continues. Lipton and Unilever strive to bring the joy of tea to the entire world and to create a more sustainable future with every cup.


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