who owns tazo tea

who owns tazo tea

Tazo Tea

Tazo Tea is owned by Unilever, a consumer goods company based in London, UK. It is one of the world’s seven largest consumer goods companies and is present in over 190 countries.


In 1994, tea pioneer Steve Smith created the Tazo Tea brand. He named it after the river of mythological origin that forms the great circle of life, the ‘Taygetus’ riverbed. Tazo transitioned from a primarily tea-focused business to a comprehensive beverage offering, with Tazo Tea as its flagship product. In 1999, Starbucks acquired Tazo Tea and incorporated it into their own brand.

Tazo Tea Today

In 2017, Unilever acquired Tazo Tea from Starbucks Corporation. Unilever is the world’s biggest tea producer, selling over 350 tea brands in over 160 countries. By owning Tazo, Unilever planned to further expand their presence in the global tea market.

Tazo Tea’s Range

Tazo Tea’s range of products include:

  • Tea Bags – Includes herbal, caffeine free and black teas such as Earl Grey, Chai, Green and White tea.
  • Tea Concentrates – Available in a range of flavours and made from real brewed teas.
  • Tea K-Cups– Single serving of premium and organic teas.
  • Ready-To-Drink Teas– For a quick tea fix.


Tazo Tea is owned by the world’s biggest consumer goods company, Unilever. The brand has a wide range of tea products that it offers in over 190 countries. Both Unilever and Tazo Tea work towards providing ethically-sourced tea and tea products.


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