who sells y’all sweet tea

who sells y’all sweet tea

Where to Find that Refreshing Sweet Tea

Sometimes nothing beats a perfectly brewed glass of sweet tea, a drink as iconic to the Southern United States as classic country music. If you’re thirsting for a sip of this legendary beverage, you’re in luck—there’s plenty of places to find it.

Grocery Stores

Nothing can replace that feeling of coming home with your groceries filled with every delicious item on your list, and that list should always include a jug of sweet tea. Most major grocery stores have shelves stocked with varieties of both traditional and diet sweet tea, ready to be brought home and chugged.

Fast Food Chains

When it comes to fast-food restaurants, there’s a great chance that wherever you go, sweet tea will be on the menu. Whether you’re at a burger joint, chicken nugget chain, pizza buffet, or BBQ joint, sweet tea is sure to be a standard drink. Plus, you can usually get a large enough cup that you won’t be going thirsty any time soon.

Food Trucks

A great way to sample the best food around town is going to the nearest food truck. Believe it or not, many food trucks serve up delicious sweet tea to accompany your meal. From Southern cities to small towns all over the country, food trucks are the perfect place to grab a quick, delicious, and cheap cup of sweet tea.


Whether it’s from a small, family-owned eatery or a five-star restaurant, there’s sure to be sweet tea on the menu. Most restaurants have an impressive selection of drinks to choose from, and sweet tea is usually a mainstay.


Of course, the simplest way to enjoy sweet tea is to make it yourself! All it takes is the right ingredients:

  • Tea Bags
  • Sugar
  • Boiling Water
  • Cold Water
  • Ice Cubes

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, boiling them all together and adding a few ice cubes to the mix is all it takes to enjoy a tasty cup of homemade sweet tea.

No matter how you like to enjoy sweet tea, you’re sure to find what you need from any of these amazing sources. So, quench your thirst and grab a delicious glass of sweet tea today!


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