who should not drink green tea

who should not drink green tea

Who Should Not Drink Green Tea?

Green tea is praised for its antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties, making it a popular beverage among many health-conscious individuals. However, green tea is not suitable for everyone and drinking it can be detrimental to some individuals’ health. Here is a list of people who should be mindful of green tea consumption:

Pregnant Women

The caffeine content in green tea can cause premature contractions in pregnant women and may even increase the risk of a miscarriage. While the exact amount of caffeine that is considered safe for pregnant women is uncertain, it is generally recommended to avoid green tea altogether.


Given that green tea also contains some level of caffeine, it is not suitable for children. Caffeine can affect children’s growth and development and can lead to potential medical issues in the future. Therefore, it is best to stick to decaffeinated green tea or other caffeine-free beverages if young people are looking for a healthier alternative.

People With Anemia

Green tea has been found to contain polyphenols, a compound which has been found to interfere with non-heme iron absorption. Therefore, people who are suffering from anemia should abstain from drinking green tea as it could further exacerbate their condition.

People With Acid Reflux

Although green tea is known to have many health benefits, it can be problematic for people who have acid reflux since it is slightly acidic in nature. Some studies have even shown that green tea can worsen symptoms of acid reflux, which puts individuals with this condition at a higher risk.

Green tea is a nutritious beverage, however, it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is important to consult a healthcare professional first before incorporating green tea into one’s diet. By doing so, individuals can make sure that their green tea consumption does not put them at risk for any long-term health complications.


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