who was in boston tea party

who was in boston tea party

Boston Tea Party – Who Was Involved?

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was a pivotal event in the fight for American independence from the British. The party took place on the night of December 16th when a group of rebellious colonists protested the unfairness of British taxes by boarding merchant ships and throwing their tea cargo overboard into the Boston harbor. But who were the people behind the protest?

The Greewith Brothers

The Greenwith Brothers of Boston were key organizers of the tea protest. They were well-known merchants in the community and had been heavily involved in the resistance to British taxation and control dating back to the Stamp Act of 1765. When the British imposed the Tea Act of 1773, which taxed tea without giving the colonies any say in it, the Greenwith Brothers were at the forefront of organizing the Tea Party.

The Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty was an organization founded in the colonies to protest British control and taxation. They were one of the major forces behind the Boston Tea Party and many of their members were key participants in the protest. They included well-known figures such as Samuel Adams,Paul Revere,John Hancock,Patrick Henry and Joseph Warren.

The Non-affiliates

In addition to the Greenwith Brothers and the Sons of Liberty, there were plenty of non-affiliated citizens who attended the Tea Party. According to some reports, over 60 people participated, including free African Americans and Native Americans.

The Impact

The Boston Tea Party was a hugely important event in the struggle for American independence. The Tea Party galvanized the colonists and provided the spark that set off the American Revolution. Its legacy lives on to this day as a symbol of liberty and rebellion against tyranny.

In conclusion, the Boston Tea Party was a complex event with many participants from different walks of life. It was organized by the Greenwith Brothers and other members of the Sons of Liberty, as well as a variety of non-affiliated citizens. Despite the different backgrounds of those involved, they all came together to fight for Liberty and American independence from British rule.


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