why cant mormons drink tea


Why Can’t Mormons Drink Tea?

Mormons are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and are known for their unique beliefs and lifestyle. One largely misunderstood aspect of their faith is their abstention from certain foods and drinks, including tea. Here, we’ll explain why Mormons choose not to consume tea and other caffeinated beverages.

The Word of Wisdom

The main component of the Mormon lifestyle is their practice of the Word of Wisdom – a set of health-related guidelines revealed to Joseph Smith, a 19th century church founder. The Word of Wisdom prohibits the consumption of “hot drinks”, which is an instruction adapted over time to include all caffeinated beverages. Here are some of the reasons behind this practice:

    • Health Benefits: Caffeinated beverages, particularly tea, have been linked to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression and impaired cognitive function. By abstaining from tea, Mormons are protecting their health by reducing their caffeine consumption.


    • Spiritual Protection: Mormons also abstain from tea for spiritual reasons. According to The Word of Wisdom, the consumption of certain substances is “not good for the stomach nor the body.” By avoiding caffeine-rich drinks, Mormons are protecting themselves from any spiritual attacks which could come from harmful substances.



Although Mormons do not typically consume tea as part of their faith, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, Mormons are allowed to occasionally consume herbal teas for medicinal reasons, particularly for headaches or colds. Additionally, decades ago, the Word of Wisdom was more loosely applied, and Mormons routinely enjoyed caffeinated beverages, including tea and coffee.


Mormons have a long-standing tradition of abstaining from tea and other caffeinated beverages in accordance with the Word of Wisdom, a set of health-related guidelines. This practice is rooted in both physical and spiritual benefits – promoting good health and protecting against any potential spiritual attacks. On occasion, herbal teas are allowed, primarily as a medicinal remedy.


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