why did katy leave the southern tea podcast

why did katy leave the southern tea podcast

Why Did Katy Leave the Southern Tea Podcast?

Katy’s departure from the popular Southern Tea Podcast (STP) left her fans shocked. The beloved host had been with STP since the show’s early beginnings and was a big part of its growth to the show that it is today.

The Decision

Katy’s decision to leave the show wasn’t made lightly. She explained her departure in a statement, saying that while she had “all the love and respect in the world” for the show and its hosts, she felt that it was time to pursue other interests and passions.

What’s Next For Katy

Although Katy won’t be continuing the show, her contributions and influence will never be forgotten. She’s already begun to explore other opportunities and is involved in a few highly anticipated projects. Here are a few of the things that Katy has in the works:

  • Writing: Katy is working on a memoir and is also writing for a prominent publication.
  • Teaching: She’s forming an online course about Southern cuisine and culture.
  • Advocating: Katy has become increasingly vocal about sustainability, organic farming, and the local food economy.

Katy has promised to keep her audience up to date on her new projects and activities. Her fans will undoubtedly keep rooting for her as she takes on this new adventure.


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