why do british drink tea

why do british drink tea

Why Do Brits Love Tea?

Tea has been a staple of many cultures for centuries, and the British are no exception. Tea is said to be a symbol and reflection of British heritage, and therefore, it only makes sense why the British love tea so much. Here are a few reasons why:

Easy To Make and Enjoy

Making tea couldn’t be easier. All a person needs to do is boil water, steep a tea bag and add milk and/or a sweetener of choice. This simplicity makes it great for those who are always rushing around and just need a quick pick me up.

Soothing and Comforting

Tea has a calming effect and many people around the world find it comforting and soothing. For Brits, this may mean taking a break from the busyness of their lives to just sit back and sip a cup of tea.

Health Benefits

Aside from providing emotional support, tea has been known to have positive health benefits. Tea is known to contain levels of antioxidants, which help fight off free radicals that could potentially cause cancer. Drinking tea is also known to reduce inflammation and improve digestive health.

Variety and Taste

In the UK, tourists are pleasantly surprised to see the amount of variety of teas to choose from. From fruity to floral, there’s a tea to please any palette. Not to mention, there is such a thing as milk tea, or bubble tea, which can be an amazing treat – something Brits like to indulge in.

British Culture

Drinking tea is seen as a big part of the British culture both from a social and historical standpoint. The British have been drinking tea for hundreds of years, so it is embedded in the culture and passed on from generation to generation.

Tea is more than just a pick-me-up for the British, it is part of their culture and tradition. From the social aspects, to the variety and taste, to the health benefits – it’s no wonder why the British are the world’s biggest tea consumers.


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