why do british people drink tea

why do british people drink tea

The British Love Affair with Tea

Tea has been a British obsession for centuries and is deeply woven into the culture of the nation. Even today, the vast majority of British people are ardent tea drinkers and the steaming beverage has become more than just a staple of morning breakfasts, it is a long-held tradition treasured by many. So why do British people drink so much tea?

A Long History

Tea drinking has been an integral part of British life since the 1600s. During these times, the hot beverage was seen as a symbol of the country’s highly-valued culture and was a fundamental part of many social events and gatherings. The lucrativeness of tea made it one of the most sought after goods in the market and it was rapidly established as a nobel necessity.

An Affordable Luxury

From the 17th century to the 20th century, tea has always been seen as a luxurious commodity, albeit an affordable one. There were of course different classes of tea, but British people from across the classes and wealth brackets were still able to enjoy the product within their means. This added to the social importance of the beverage and ensured its popularity endured throughout the decades.

A Comforts Minister

The traditionalist nature of British culture means that tea is seen as a comfort minister. It is something to turn to when all else falls through, a friend in times of chaos and a revitalizing force in times of stress. Whether it be in a morning, afternoon or evening, there’s something almost natural about making a cup of tea in response to needing some solace.

A Sublime Sensory Experience

Finally, the sensory experience of tea drinking is simply sublime. Nothing can quite compare to taking a sip of a hot, freshly made cup of tea and the subtle but complex flavor sensations make the experience all the better. British people recognize this and the simplicity of the experience has become a national favorite.


Long-running traditions, affordability, comforting qualities and sublime sensory experience has made the British love affair with tea a reality for centuries. British people truly treasure their tea, as a simple but nobel pleasure and a beverage that is synonymous with the nation.


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