why does iced tea get cloudy

why does iced tea get cloudy

Why does iced tea get cloudy?

Iced tea often gets cloudy with time and this phenomenon can be explained through the following points:

Chemical Reaction

  • When tea is brewed and cooled, it forms tiny particles of tannins which make the tea appear cloudy.
  • Tannins are present in both hot and iced tea but the cooling process tends to make them more visible.
  • Tannins react to the environment resulting in a cloudy appearance.


  • Tea loses its clarity over time because of the process known as flocculation, where tiny particles of tannins group together.
  • This process is hastened if the tea is stirred, and the tiny particles create a cloudy appearance.


  • Time is a major factor in the cloudiness of iced tea. The longer it stands, the cloudier it will become.
  • This is due to the tiny particles of tannins that accumulate into large particles, resulting in a murky appearance.

In conclusion, iced tea gets cloudy because of a chemical reaction, stirring, and time.


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