why is arizona tea called arizona

why is arizona tea called arizona

The History Behind Arizona Tea

If you’ve ever sipped on an Arizona Tea, you’ve probably wondered why it’s called “Arizona”. Here’s the history behind this iconic drink.

The Origins of the Drink

Arizona Iced Tea was founded in 1992 by the Goldoltz family in Brooklyn, New York. John, Leonard and David Goldoltz wanted to create an iced tea that was more affordable than the leading brands. Arizona Iced Tea was priced affordably, but still boasted a variety of flavors, as well as great taste.

The Name’s Roots

The Goldoltzes came up with the name “Arizona” for their new brand for a few reasons.

  • Affordability: They saw Arizona as a place you could get a lot of value for your money.
  • Beauty: The founders thought Arizona was a beautiful state, from its stunning desserts and rolling hills.
  • Signature Look: The Goldoltzes settled on a cowboy-inspired look for the Arizona brand, since Arizona is synonymous with cowboys and the wild west.

By naming the drink “Arizona”, it gave the brand an identity and image that it has kept to this day.

The Legacy

Since its inception in 1992, Arizona Iced Tea has become one of the most popular iced teas worldwide. The company has expanded to offer over 30 flavors of tea and juice, including unsweetened, lightly sweetened, and green iced teas. The brand has also created a whole culture of brand loyalty and appreciation.

It’s no wonder that Arizona Iced Tea, after nearly 30 years, is still associated with the beautiful state of Arizona for which it was the named.


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