why is gossip called tea

why is gossip called tea

The Origin of the Phrase “Tea” as Gossip

The phrase “tea” has been used to describe gossip in the U.S. for centuries, but how did it become so popular? Tea has long been associated with ladies gathering and talking, but the phrase began to be used to describe gossip in the early 20th century.

Sipping Tea and Spreading Gossip

Throughout the 1900s, tea was a popular drink, often associated with social gatherings between women. While drinking tea, women would often drift off into conversations about personal scandals or juicy details of their lives. The phrase “tea” came to mean gossip because of the parallel between the personal conversations and the act of sipping tea.

Popularizing the Phrase “Tea”

The phrase “tea” really became popular when it was adopted in the African American community in the mid 20th century. African Americans took the phrase and associated it with any kind of news, even if it was something positive.

The Modern Use of “Tea” and Gossip

Today, the phrase “tea” is used to refer to gossip on social media, in communities, and in popular media. It’s often used to talk about celebrities and gossip-filled entertainment news.


So why is gossip called tea? It’s been used to describe gossip since the early 20th century, but it was popularized in the African American community and has become a popular phrase to use when talking about the latest news and juicy tidbits.


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