why no herbal tea on daniel fast

why no herbal tea on daniel fast

Why No Herbal Tea on a Daniel Fast?

The Daniel Fast is a religious spiritual fast, primarily observed by individuals from the Protestant Christian faith, based on the fasting practices of the Old Testament prophet Daniel. This type of fast involves abstaining from certain foods for a period of time and is commonly used for spiritual clarity and growth.

What Does an Herbal Tea Consist of?

Herbal tea typically contains one or more of the following ingredients: camomile, peppermint, spearmint, licorice, ginger, lavender, lemon balm, rose hips, lemongrass, nettle, and other herbs and spices. These herbs, plants, and roots may be steeped in boiling water and consumed as a beverage known as herbal tea.

Why Herbal Tea is Prohibited on the Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast is based on the text in Daniel 1: 8-20, which forbids consuming any delight of wine or “uncircumcised meats”. Due to this passage, many who fast opt to only consume vegan foods that are grown directly from the earth (such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) as well as other vegan foods commonly consumed such as oatmeal, pastas, and legumes.

Tea falls into an ambiguous category as it is not considered vegan while also not containing any of the items expressly barred in this passage. As such, many believers who adhere to the Daniel Fast opt to abstain from any type of tea, including herbal varieties, as a way to maintain a spirit of dedication to the teachings and purposes of the fast.

What are the Alternatives to Herbal Tea?

Although drinking herbal tea may be prohibited on a Daniel Fast, there are certain alternatives that can be enjoyed:

  • Fruit Juice: Fresh fruit juices, such as blended vegetable and fruit smoothies, are both vegan and permissible for consumption during a Daniel Fast.
  • Vegetable Juice: Fresh vegetable juices offer concentrated nutrition, and are also considered acceptable to consume.
  • Water: As with any fast, water is the key ingredient to sustaining life.

In summary, while many choose to abstain from herbal tea while undertaking the Daniel Fast, doing so is ultimately a personal choice that is not required by religious teachings. Alternatives such as fresh fruit and vegetable juices can provide a soothing and hydrating beverage that is consistent with the goals and purposes of the fast.


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